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Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're Saving for Disney!

Both J and I went to Disney once or twice as kids, but didn't get to go again until our honeymoon. We had a BLAST and totally drank the mouse kool-aid. We collect Disney movies, love Disney channel, and can't wait to go back to WDW!

I think he'd agree that we're most definitely a Disney family.

When thinking about C's birthday party this year, we picked a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme because he is basically obsessed with it. For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, this is probably old news. ;-) He loves his Mickey and Boopy (Goofy) stuffed animals and can name/point out all of the characters in his books. It was a clear winner for birthday theme.

That got us thinking, when are we going to take him to really meet Mickey?! We would love to go back for an anniversary and since that is conveniently partnered with C's birthday, why not go for Halloween one year? We checked prices and made a plan to save up for Disney Halloween 2013!

Yes, we do realize we'll have a 3 year old AND a 7 month old. Yes, we realize how insane that sounds, but really, it will be such ridiculous fun that we will make it work. I honestly get all teary eyed when I think of C meeting Mickey for the first time. Ah, gah...there I go again!

Since he will still be 2 when we check into the resort, he will be free his entire stay. This alone will save us hundreds of dollars. Thank you awesome Disney age policy. When we went last time, we had park hoppers and the meal plan - two things I HIGHLY recommend. Being able to go from park to park (with the free shuttles) and eat throughout the day without worrying about money made the whole experience much more laid back and enjoyable. Every day, we got a snack (bottle of water, fruit, ice cream, etc.), a quick service meal (a combo with drink and dessert from a walk up joint), and a sit down dinner (full dinner, drink, and dessert at any restaurant). You can't beat it.

For the whole shebang - room, meals, park tickets, gas, incidentals, and the inevitable souvenirs, we are budgeting $3,000. Not too bad for a week long family vacation, I think. With a year to save, we should be able to do it! I'm pumped. Next October can't come soon enough!


  1. This is good timing for us. We're 99% sure we want to go next Thanksgiving and are looking at what to budget now. I'd love to hear more about how you are planning to budget the trip.

  2. Good luck with saving! I know there is an entire blog on this! Maybe it will help.

  3. I've seen that blog, Lisa - its awesome!

    As soon as we get our plan a little more solidified, I'm going to do a post on how we plan to save money before and during the trip. :)