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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Almost 2

Twenty three months. The last time I can measure C's age in months without getting strange looks from people. ::sigh:: Only one more month until he's two! Its been such a big year for him; for us all, really. The first year is certainly full of fun firsts and cry worth moments, but for C a lot of his big milestones came this year.

Here is a little 23 month update to celebrate the close of an amazing year...

Stats: 32 lbs & 34" tall

Clothing: 2T in clothes and size 7.5/8 in shoes.

New Words: Oh man, there are new ones every single day! Lately we've been hearing a lot of apple, Mickey, Oh Toodles!, what's that?!, good, school, yes/no, color, Mommy, Daddy, baby, kitty, thank you, bless you, and random body parts.

New Tricks: Saying thank you, please, and bless you in the correct contexts has been kind of blowing our mind. Though he does also say bless you when someone coughs or burps, I'll take it! Also, drinking from an open cup with about a 50% success rate, learning to climb and go down his slide alone, and doing stairs like a champ.

School/Daycare: He LOVES daycare lately and is
excited to go everyday. They've been learning about fall, pumpkins, apples, leaves, and weather. He comes home with art work almost every day and I love hanging it in the kitchen or my office.

Sleep: He's been in a twin bed for several weeks now and he loves it. Putting him to bed has been *knock on wood* quite easy lately. 

His Take on the Baby: He doesn't quite get it yet, but if you think about it, pregnancy is quite an abstract concept for a little guy. He's starting to point to my belly when we ask where the baby is, but he also sometimes points to his own belly or J's belly. Haha Maybe we're just confusing him.

Terrible Twos: They haven't quite reared their ugly head just yet, but we're waiting. He has been having a few more mini meltdowns than normal when he's told no, but we're trying to explain to him reasons why and find ways he can do/get what he wants in a constructive way. We know tantrums WILL happen, but hopefully we can't keep them to a dull roar.

And just to put the cherry on the sobbing cake, here he is a year ago today. Its funny, as time goes on, there is less of a visual gap between the months. He's definitely losing his baby look though and turning all little boy.

September 30th, 2011 -- 21lbs. 8oz., 28"

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