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Friday, March 23, 2012

Y3W: Away We Go!

Today I'm leaving for a work trip to Louisville, Kentucky and won't be back until Tuesday. I have a few posts lined up over the next few days, but in my absence, I will have a guest poster.

::drum roll::

My fabulous hubby, J! I asked him if he would guest post while I was gone and after looking at me funny for a second, said yes. I'm not sure what he'll be writing about, but he's home alone with C for the next few days so I'm sure it will be entertaining.

I'm sad to be leaving my boys for five whole days. And to be driving nine hours each way - that sucks too. I know they'll be alright and we can Skype, but I'm going to miss them a ton!

Anyone from Louisville? What's fun to do there?