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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seriously, Wednesday. WTF?

It's time for another riveting edition of....WTF Wednesday! While positivity is the way to go, once in a while its healthy (and fun) to just look around and think, "WTF?"

  • WTF baby toys taking over my living room? I clean you up thirty times a day. Are you capable of asexual reproduction? Because I swear, you are multiplying when I'm not looking.
  • WTF Keurig? Why do you have to make your delicious K-cups so darn expensive and at the same time dangerously addicting? I have ONE LEFT and need to get over the sticker shock to order more. 
  • WTF allergies/cold? I got ONE cold the entire three years I lived in Virginia. I'm back up north and have been sick since August. 
  • WTF thigh muscles? I scrubbed the kitchen floor four days ago and you're still sore. I'm not THAT out of shape. Thanks for making me feel like a lard ass.

What are your WTF's? Scream them from the rooftops! (Or, post them in the comments section). We can WTF together!


  1. Too funny! I'll add WTF infant fingernails? What purpose could there possibly be for a baby to have such razor-sharp talons? AND WHY ARE THEY SO ATTRACTED TO MY NIPPLES????? Sorry, I tried to withhold that info, but it was hard to stop once I got started.

    1. Its SO true!! They're like the tiny razor sharp nails kittens have. They stick into everything. Uuugh. At least when they're that tiny, they are easy to cut. Cutting toddler nails requires two people and falconer gloves.