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Saturday, December 31, 2011

14 Months? I Demand a Recount!

That's right, folks. C is 14 months old today. Strange, I could swear he just turned a year old. Please tell me that time doesn't go even faster after a year?! The first 12 months flew by fast enough!

Clothing size: 12 -18 months depending on the brand
Shoe size: 4 - 5 depending on the brand

Words: Mama, Dada, tickle tickle, up (and reaches to be picked up), bubble, duck, high five (sounds like ha-fa! while giving a high five)

New tricks: Pulling up to standing, cruising on furniture, pointing out his belly, head, and nose when asked, and climbing the stairs.

Teeth: Sixteen. Eight on top and eight on the bottom. His eye teeth are just poking through, but boy are they making their way in. Its been rough, but he's a trooper!

Sleep: Through the night! Usually sleeps from about 7:30pm to 6:30am.

Favorite toy: At the moment, the play kitchen he got for Christmas. He loves all the food pieces and "stirring" in the pots and pans.

Favorite food: Um...everything. He's still a super great eater and loves everything from spicy to sour and everything in between.

Things that make me all sad because he's getting so big: He sleeps with his head on a pillow, he's transitioned from bottles to sippy cups, and when he comes home from daycare with art projects.

My little man really is growing up. Here he is a year ago today...

And now...

Here's to another amazing year, short man.

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