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Sunday, November 27, 2011

So Long Thanksgiving, Hello Christmas!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Christmas time is one of my very favorite times of the year. I love the decorations, family, friends, wrapping and giving presents, and even the indescribable way Christmas smells. My favorite part is the traditions. My family never had a lot of traditions growing up, but when it came to Christmas there were plenty.

The best tradition? One day in very early December, we'd go to school and when we came home the entire house was decorated. Fake snow and ornaments on the front windows, tree up, Christmas pillows on the couch, and even a Santa Claus shower curtain in the bathroom. It was like magic! We'd decorate the tree all together that night and, much to our dismay, my Dad would make us kids sing the Chipmunk's Christmas song. My Dad would put up the Santa and reindeer ornament last and my Mom would put on tinsel. My Mom would make huge batches of zucchini bread to give away as gifts and on Christmas morning my Dad was on video camera and toy opening duty.

Now that I'm married with a child I can't help but be excited for the traditions that we'll have! We decorated our tree last night and while C spent most of the time trying to eat the ornaments, it was a lot of fun.

Now to finish up some decorating, shopping, wrapping, tackle my to craft list, and find my Mom's zucchini bread recipe - then we'll be set for the season!


  1. Super cute ornament! Where did you get the idea from?

  2. Thank you! Its from Pinterest! The recipe for the salt dough is on last week's 52 Weeks of Pinterest post.

    They were super easy to make and fun to paint. :)