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Saturday, November 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 8

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I've started my long list of holiday crafts with a few things I've wanted to make for J and our home. A bit of "us" art, if you will. We don't have much hung up in our apartment in general, but most of the things we do have are pictures of C - not a whole lot of us stuff. We are working on getting more frames and artwork hung up, ya know, like a real adult house, but its a work in progress. This will definitely help. If anyone out there is an interior decorator and happens to work for free, call me. We'll chat.

First, I framed the key to our first home together back in Virginia. They were completely gutting and renovating the apartment after we left that year and in the confusion we ended up with one of the keys. I love it - its just a tiny little 2.5" x 4" frame from Michael's with a bit of scrap paper backing, hot glue, and green paint for the key. I think it cost me $3 total and will be such a nice reminder of our first home.

Another neat project I wanted to recreate was the number art seen around the Pinterest world. Its J's birthday, my birthday, our dating anniversary, our wedding anniversary, and C's birthday. I used Photoshop to create the numbers and distress them a little, then printed it on card stock to frame. There is a tiny red heart in our wedding date that I cut out of paper after I printed the image. A simple 8 x 10 frame and some matting made it. Another inexpensive piece of art - it cost $4 for the frame and matting at Michael's.

Yes, the frame has our birth years, but this is the interwebs and I'm paranoid.

If you would like me to put your dates into the template and email you a JPEG of the file to print on your own, let me know!

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