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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning Saturday: Fabric Stash

A side effect of sewing is building up a crazy fabric stash that eventually needs to be trimmed back and tamed. With my label maker in hand, I decided to sort through all of my fabric and organize it by color. To keep it looking clean, I put a piece of coordinating scrapbook paper at the front of the drawer.

Holy moly, did I find some fugly fabrics buried underneath! I won't even bore you with pictures. Just trust me - they weren't pretty.

I did find, however, some really awesome fabrics that I totally forgot about. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I need to find a project for this snazzy piece of cloth.


And because I'm a glutton for a long to do list, I bought this beautiful fat pack at the sewing shop after I took my serger class on Thursday. Not only did I fall in love with it instantly, but it was 30% off. ::swoon:: Its 11 fat quarters and came to about $20. Not too bad if you ask me. I'm going to turn it into a quilt for ::gasp!:: myself!! Yes, I've never actually made a quilt just for me. Might be nice. :-)

Back to the fabulous states patterned fabric. What should I do with it? I was thinking maybe a laminated place mat for C or maybe some foam blocks? What do you think?

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