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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Nature Boy Likes Water

With a streak of mid to high 80's this week, we took advantage of the heat and set up Charlie's baby pool on our "front lawn." Did we get weird looks for having a baby pool outside of the residence hall? Of course. Whatev.

I put about 3 inches of water in the bottom, put him in a BG diaper with no liner, threw in some toys, and let him go at it. He played for almost 40 minutes, which is extremely long for his usually short attention span. His new favorite toy is the stacking cups that Aunt Chris and Uncle Mike got him for Christmas. At the moment, he enjoys trying to eat them and drink pool water from them. Stacking comes later.

Look at those wrinkly feet!
After a good splash, he laid out on the grass to dry off a little before going inside. As usual, he loved it.

As a side note, now that he's found his feed, they are pretty much always in his hands. Hey, whatever makes him happy!

I can't wait to bring him to the community pool to go swimming for real. He's going to love it! Good thing too, this summer doesn't look like its going to get any cooler.


  1. Aww so cute! He looks like he had so much fun! Bailey is always holding her feet. Stacking cups sound like a great toy. For some reason, my LO wants to play with things like remotes, cell phones, library books and other mommy/daddy things way more than the toys I spent money on for her. LOL

  2. The stacking cups are awesome. My sister got them for Charlie because my nephew played with them from 5 months and still loves them at 13 months. They go from chew toys, to towers to knock down, to things to stack. Love 'em.