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Friday, June 3, 2011

Grab My Butt....on

Brown chicken, brown cow! That's right folks. Thanks to inspiration from a fellow Momma over at Loving Life, I now have a snazzy blog button! Your blog can be the proud owner of a "Home for Three" linky button by copying the carefully crafted html code from the little scrolly box on the side bar and pasting it in an html gadget on your page.

Want your own button? After an amount of time I would rather not own up to, I finally figured out how to post a linky button AND a grab it box. ::brushes shoulders off::

First, you need to make your button. From what I've read, most blog buttons are 125 - 150 pixels squared. I made mine with FotoFlexer. If you haven't tried it yet, it is awesome! Its a super easy to use, web based editing program for pictures. I saved it to my computer from the web, then uploaded it to my blog to host it. I then used that image url to plug into the following code...

To post just a picture of your button that links it back to your blog, the html is simple.

[a href="BLOG URL"][img src="IMAGE URL" /][/a]

To make it work, replace all of the [ ] with < > and insert your blog's url and the image's url.

To show the linky image and make the little scroll box so people can easily grab the html is a little more confusing.

[a href="BLOG URL"][img src="IMAGE URL" border="0" /][/a][p][textarea class="tiny" name="1" rows="3" cols="18"][br /][a href="BLOG URL"][img src="IMAGE URL" border="0" /][/a][/textarea][/p]

To make it work, replace all of the [ ] with < > and insert your blog's url and the image's url.

This code posts the image then creates a scroll box with the image's url inside it.

You might need to tweak things a little to make it work, but it is pretty cut and dry. Good luck!


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out! I love how your button matches your blog! :o)

  2. Aw, thanks! Of course you get a shout out - you motivated my lazy butt to make a button. lol