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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Really? Almost two weeks?!

Wow, I'm not sure what has happened over the past two weeks, but apparently we've been pretty busy. Oops! Hmm...what has gone on in the past few weeks? Unfortunately, Charlie got sick again on Valentine's day, but he's much better now. He seems to keep getting the same cold over and over again. Poor kid. In good news, Jeff and I have started scoping out new jobs now that he's getting ready to graduate. Don't even ask me where we're going to be moving - we have no idea! Somewhere between New York and Florida. Helpful, I know.

Other than that, things have been relatively normal around these parts. Charlie has taken to a new sleeping schedule that is less than favorable, but a schedule none the less. We put him to sleep around 8:30pm, he sleeps until around 2:30am, eats and goes back down for about 3 hours, eats and then goes down for another hour or so. Its helpful because he's usually ready to eat right around when we get up anyway, but its not helpful because most of his long sleep stretch is when we're up milling around and getting stuff done (read sitting on the interwebs and watching TV). There is something to be said about watching TV on the couch in peace that makes the multiple wakings during the night okay.

Another new endeavor for the little man is the Bumper Jumper he got from Grandpa for Christmas. Add this right to the cool baby stuff list. We didn't think he'd like it, but we were quickly proven wrong. He just bounces and bounces and bounces. I'm not sure if he realizes its him that's causing the moving, but

Lastly, I've made a dangerous discovery. Etsy. I knew it existed and I've seen some of the adorable things that people have bought off it, but I'd never ventured there myself. Big mistake. Big wonderfully, adorable mistake. The cloth diapers we have are great, but they're not cute. I want cute cloth diapers, darn it! I absolutely have the ability to make my own pocket diapers or fitteds, but A) I'd need to buy all the materials, including waterproof fabric and a snap setter B) I'd need to find the time to actually make them. This realization resulted in me being okay with spending $10-$15 on a beautiful, handmade diaper that will fit Charlie until he's potty trained. Sometimes, time really is worth money. I've got four fabulous diapers coming in the mail. I can't wait!! I'll be sure to post some fluffy butt pictures when they arrive.

(You know you're a Mom when retail therapy includes cloth diapers...)

In conclusion, I promise to get back to posting regularly! We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up - some 4 month pictures, a visit to PA to see lots of family and friends, hopefully some news on where we're going next, and more!


  1. If you have any Florida questions, ask away! I've lived all over the state. Glad Charlie is feeling better :)

  2. Oh my gosh your LO is doing such a great job in that bouncer! I have to get one of those for my baby!!!!

  3. Thanks! I was really so surprised that he liked it so much. It was a lot easier for him to bounce than we thought. I highly recommend it. The link is in the post somewhere. :)