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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Feverish

For the past 36 hours, Mr. Charlie has been in rare form indeed. At first, we thought he was jumping back on the growth spurt bandwagon or was beyond exhausted and fighting sleep. Last night, however, was nothing short of ridiculous and we knew something was up.

From 8pm until about 12:30am, he would. not. sleep. He nursed some, stared at us some, screamed some, but sleep never came. He had only napped for an hour or two all day, but still wouldn't fall asleep. We rocked him, sang to him, read to him, gave him a warm bath. Nothing worked. Eventually, he fell asleep, but was up after an hour or so and only went back down after another two hours of nursing and rocking. The night continued on like this until we got up for the day around 9am. Sleep total for 24 hours? About 6 hours. According to baby math, if baby gets 6 hours of sleep, Mommy got a whole lot less. And no shower. Lets just say that I look hot today.

This morning was similar to yesterday. No napping, lots of fussing, and general strange behavior. Around lunch, I put Charlie in the Moby wrap, hoping he would sleep and thankfully he did. I went about my business, making lunch and doing some dishes. A short time later, I realized that he was sweating up a storm! Then the Mommy light bulb goes off - why not check his temp? 99.2. Okay, nothing to write home about, but definitely something to monitor. I thought he was doing a bit better after a quick nap, but no. He about lost his damn mind. The ear piercing screaming from the night before returned and it was time to call the doctor. The nurse I talked to heard him in the background and suggested we come in based on that alone. I changed him and took his temp again - 100.2. Aaaaand off we went.

As a side note: In true "sick child going the pediatrician" style, the minute we arrived, he calmed down and napped in the waiting room and then cooed and smiled for the doctor. *face palm*

The doctors appointment was helpful, yet unhelpful. Thankfully, Charlie's ears and throat look fine and he doesn't have a rash, poop issues, or vomiting. We did find out that our little chunker gained over a POUND since his 2 month check up on January 3rd!! He's up to 9lbs 8oz! Anyway, the doctor suggested that we give him Tylenol for pain/fever, keep track of any symptoms of dehydration, and bring him back in tomorrow if the crying, sleeplessness, or fever don't get better or get worse.

First night with a sick baby; a milestone that no parent looks forward to. At the moment, he's sitting with Daddy crying the most pathetic little cry ever as we countdown to his next dose of Tylenol. It breaks my heart. I don't even care if I get sleep tonight - I just hope he does.

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