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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby's First ER Trip

An unfortunate milestone indeed. Friday morning at about 4am, I woke up to an extremely hot baby laying next to me (yes, we let him sleep with us because he wasn't feeling well....don't judge me). I don't mean warm...I'm talking HOT. I picked him up, unswaddled him, changed his diaper and realized that at no point during all of that did he fuss or even look at me, which was scary in itself. I took his temp...103.6. He wasn't coughing, throwing up, or showing any other symptoms, but just the look in his eyes told me he felt awful. It broke my heart. I gave him some Tylenol and changed his clothes (still not getting a rise out of him) and off to the ER we went.  After a nasal swab, some fluids, two blood draws, and a chest x-ray, we didn't find out much. All we know is that he was fighting some kind of virus and that it would pass soon. It could have been much worse of a diagnosis. Thankfully, by Saturday afternoon he was pretty much back to normal; no fever and happily talking up a storm.

Feeling much better on Saturday afternoon
I fully realize that this is the first of many, many times that he's going to be sick (unfortunate, but true), but that doesn't make it any less scary. When we followed up with Charlie's doctor on Saturday, he told us that more often than not, parents are a better indicator of how sick a baby is than a thermometer. Apparently, when Jeff and I said that Charlie was acting extremely out of the ordinary, that was more of a concern to the doctors than his temp. Makes sense. This whole motherly instinct thing is rather creepy. I knew something was wrong just from looking at him and I was right. Its hard at first to trust your instincts as a parent since, well, its something brand new that you have never done before, but apparently it works.

Here's to an uneventful remainder to cold and flu season in this house!

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