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Monday, November 22, 2010

Night and Day

I always thought the concept of night and day was an internal clock kind of thing. I was sort of right. Charlie has the whole sleep for a while and then get up for a while thing down....just backwards. I'm not sure why he is all mixed up, but I sure know when it started! For the past few days, he has been more active at night (wanting to eat every 90 minutes or so), fussy in the morning, and then sleeps almost all day long in 4 hour stretches. I've had to practically torture the poor kid to eat during the day! Typically, babies are fussy in the evening (for some reason), sleep longer stretches at night, and then are more active during the day. Now, the question do we fix this poor kid's messed up rhythm?! Don't ask me...I've been up since 4am. :-P

So far, the days at home with Charlie have seemed to fly by. Even though he's been sleeping quite a bit during the day, by the time he gets woken up, fed, changed, and settled back down, there isn't much time to get things done or nap. That's another thing. Charlie's internal clock may be backwards, but mine seems to be iron clad. Its very good advice to sleep when the baby sleeps, but I can't seem to! Once I'm up for the day, that seems to be it for me. Maybe I'll grab a nap here and there, but mostly I end up trying to clean up and do some laundry or dishes (because there always seems to be some to do!) All things considered, I can't complain; I feel pretty good and not any more tired than I was when I was pregnant. The thing I need to work on is remembering to eat and drink enough water. Funny how that happens! Its a combination of lack of free time and being so darn comfy with a sleepy baby on my chest that I don't want to get up. Cuddling with a sleepy baby is a wonderful way to pass the time, by the way. I am absolutely in love with being home with him and don't even want to think about going back to work and sending him to daycare. :-( I hope the next nine weeks take their sweet time.

Speaking of time, I can't believe that November is almost over already. I guess spending two weeks away will do that to you. I'm excited for Charlie's first Thanksgiving and have an adorable outfit for him to wear (pictures will surely follow). More so, I'm excited for Charlie's first Black Friday. Mwahaha! Don't worry, he won't be going shopping with me due to the mobs of crazy people out there, but most of the things on my list are for him (Christmas presents, a glider for the nursery, a new digital camera to document his every move, etc.) Good thing I'm investing in a new camera, too. My current one sucks and this kid is getting big fast. He'll will be a month old on Sunday, which blows my mind completely. I know people say that they grow up fast, but I had no idea.

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