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Saturday, July 10, 2010

We've Got Ourselves a Soccer Player Here...

A few weeks ago when I was traveling to a conference in San Diego, I first began feeling little flutters and bubbles a few inches below my belly button. Maybe gas? Maybe baby? Over the following week, the bubbles became more consistent and I could confidently say that it was the baby! How exciting is that?! Whenever I'd sit still, I could feel these wonderful little bubbles dancing around, but every time Jeff put his hand on my stomach to feel them, they'd immediately stop. He thought I was crazy! Or at least that this kid was giving him a hard time already. Heh

Over this past week, the little tiny bubbles have become full blown kicks to my bladder and abdominal wall. I even felt a round of hiccups one morning! I am constantly amazed how quickly things change and how fast this baby is growing. Now, I'm feeling bumps, swishes, and swirls all the way up to my belly button. For some reason, however, Jeff still couldn't feel them. My theory (sorry, honey) is that he was just too impatient to sit with his hand on my stomach long enough to catch a good kick.

Thursday night, I was laying in bed getting some strong and consistent kicks. Jeff was laying next to me reading, so I grabbed his hand and told him to stay still for a second. He rolled to his side and gave me that, "Yeah, and?" look. I felt a little bump and asked him if he could feel it. Nope, nothing. What about that one? No. That one? Nope. Then came the wallop I was waiting for. Jeff's eyes shot wide open. I asked him if he felt that. "YES....." The next few were equally good and he just smiled, still in amazement. "That's the baby jumping around in there!" I told him.

His mind was officially blown.

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