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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Baby Room (Part 1)

Once we decided that we were on Team Green (we're waiting to find out the sex of the baby), I started working on the nursery. We're blessed to have a pretty good sized second bedroom in our apartment with a large closet. This means that our office/craft space could be compressed and not completely removed to make room for our little one and the inevitably ridiculous amount of stuff we'd need.

What color to paint? about yellow? Yellow it is. What about a theme? Now, that was harder. What could we do that was gender neutral, yet interesting?

Now, if I can go on a rant for a second here about nursery decor. As a disclaimer, I have to say that I have nothing against jungle themed nurseries or nursery accessories. They are often very cute and vary from earth tones to vibrant primary colors. My issue with said theme is that the market is FLOODED with it! Yes, you can find some other popular themes out there (ladybugs, geometric shapes, ocean animals), but the vast majority of baby stuff out there is jungle themed. WTF.

After seeing this adorable print at JoAnn Fabrics, we went with farm animals.

So far, we have my rocking chair from when I was a baby and Jeff's changing table. On my crafty to do list is crib bumpers, crib skirt, quilt, rocking chair pads/pillow, memory board, curtains, diaper stacker, Boppy covers, burp cloths, swaddling blankets, newborn mittens, and a ton of other little stuff. Ambitious or insane? I'm still not sure.

Thanks to taking a few days off for a little stay-cation, I actually got quite a few things done. I can officially scratch the diaper stacker, memory board, rocking chair gear, burp cloths, and bumpers (well, almost) off my list!

Aaand the rest of the huge pile of fabric I've got to finish all of the projects.

The crib arrives on Friday and I can't wait to put it together! More pictures to come as things continue coming together. Its my goal to get as much of the nursery done this summer as I can so I can rest and relax in the fall when I'm huge and not worry about anything.

Now, here's where the audience splits. Those of you without children see that as a perfectly respectable goal to have. Those of you with children, well, you're probably laughing your asses off. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Jen, these are too cute! You're so crafty. You actually make me eager to have babies because I would love to make this kind of stuff!