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Friday, November 6, 2015

VTech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll Review

**This post is sponsored by VTech. We received this fun toy to play with and try out at no cost to us. Even though the toy were free, all opinions are my own and I don't write about products that we don't love and wouldn't use ourself. Enjoy!**

At 2 1/2 years old, Ginny has definitely entered the baby doll phase. She absolutely loves anything and everything baby doll, so when VTech asked if we'd be interested in reviewing the Baby Amaze doll, I jumped all over it. 

Since bringing home the box a few weeks ago, this baby doll has become Ginny's favorite. Anytime she's home (toys don't go in the car or to daycare with them), Ginny's Baby Amaze has been at her side - strolling around the house, playing games, going to bed with her, etc. 

What does Baby Amaze do?

Baby Amaze is an interactive talking baby doll that actually plays and "grows" with your child. Crazy, right? It really does! When you begin playing with Baby Amaze, she says fewer, simpler words and requests. As your child interacts and talks to Baby Amaze, she learns more words and her language goes from "milk" to "milk please Mommy!" For instance, if Baby Amaze asks for milk and you give her a bottle, she makes sucking noises until she's done, then a little burp noise. It's quite adorable to watch Ginny interact with her so lovingly. 

There are four modes of play that can be activated by easy buttons on her outfit: 
  • Caring - where baby asks for milk, her pacifier, to go to sleep, etc.
  • Talk with Me - where you can play games and teach baby words, which she repeats to back. 
  • Reading - baby can read to you or you can read to baby from one of three included books.
  • Music Time - baby coos and plays 4 sing along songs and 8 melodies
A button on the back (inside the battery compartment) allows you to reset Baby Amaze back to "newborn" mode and play all over again. I'm not sure how long it takes to get Baby Amaze to it's full potential vocabulary wise - it's kind of fluid and just happens over time.

Our Favorite Features

My favorite part of this doll is how interactive she is. In just a few short weeks, Ginny's interest in role playing and imaginative play has skyrocketed and I truly believe Baby Amaze is partly to thank. The baby care mode, especially, sets the stage for Ginny to care for baby, even running to the play kitchen to "refill her bottle" when it's empty or rocking her to sleep when baby says she is tired. Ginny has transferred these interactions to non-speaking baby dolls, expanding her pretend play. 

The other unique thing that we really enjoy is the vocabulary building and games. The pink button on baby's bib makes her ask questions like, "what color is your shirt?" "what does a dog say?" Answering "w" questions helps to build vocabulary and other language skills. 

What We'd Change

Truthfully, the only thing I'd change would be to add an "off" button. Baby will talk until the automatic shut off kicks in (after a few minutes of no play), but there are times, like bedtime, where I wish I could shut her off on command. Otherwise, this is a solid, enjoyable toy!

The Verdict

Overall, we really love this toy. I was a little leery at first because of the stereotypical creepy baby doll voice, but seeing Ginny's absolute love for her cuddly, pink, chatty dolly self melts my heart. I'm so glad we were able to experience Baby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby Doll. She retails for only $29.99, which is a pleasant surprise considering how highly interactive it is. I have a feeling this, along with the other Baby Amaze toys, is going to be one of those big toys this year, so don't be surprised if your kids know about it before you did! 

The Baby Amaze line of products is available at Toy R Us stores nationwide and at ToysRUs.comVTech has been generous enough, however, to provide one of my lucky readers with a Baby Amaze doll of their own! Check out the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win! Thank you, VTech!


  1. My daughter would love baby Amaze! She loves babydolls. I love that baby Amaze can talk!

  2. My daughter is beginning to like baby dolls. Is this something that would grow with an almost 3 year old's interest?

  3. My little girl would be so excited if we won Baby Amaze!! She is going to be a big sister in February so this would be the perfect christmas present!

  4. My granddaughter would love this doll.

  5. My granddaughter would love this doll.