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Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School with KiDecals

**This post was sponsored by Kidecals and contains links to their products and media outlets. The product being reviewed was provided to me by Kidecals free of cost. All opinions are 100% my own and I do not review products that I don't believe in or use myself.**

First, I need to say that I cannot believe that Charlie is old enough for preschool. I know that is a really cliche parent thing to say, but it's true. I feel like it was just yesterday that he was my tiny baby, going to daycare for the firs time. But no, he was off to preschool today with a new lunch box and backpack, running down the side walk with absolute glee to get inside. 

In order to keep his fancy new school gear from getting lost, everything being sent in must be labeled. Thankfully, a few weeks ago, Kidecals asked me if I'd be interested in a review and after checking out all they had to offer, I had to get in on it. 

Kidecals creates versatile, durable, laminated labels for just about anything you can think of. They've got a variety of labels for kids to keep track of the ridiculous number of belongings they require, but unlike most other label companies out there, Kidecals has awesome options for other purposes as well! From canning and DIY labels for home made goodies to organizing decals, wall decals, mustache labels (because, why not?!), and chalk board labels, I was so impressed with the variety of options all on one easy to navigate website

They even have these amazing and oh so appropriate doorbell labels designed by Scary Mommy. Who hasn't needed one of these labels? I know I have. 
For my review, I was able to pick out some labels to try. With Charlie starting up at preschool, I chose a set of "Everyday Labels" in the "Blast Off" print. This set came with 12 two inch labels and 24 one inch labels; just enough to mark everything we needed with an appropriate sized label. With a live view proof available right on the screen, I could adjust the wording and text size and easily see how it would turn out. The finished product was exactly what I saw on the screen proof. 

I blanked out our last name, but it would have gone under the rocket ship on the label. You could also use the secondary space for a phone number, classroom number, or even a short allergy message. You can move the text up and down along with the size, so it truly is customizable.

Charlie had a lot of fun helping me sticker up all of his belongings for school. His nap bedding, Jake lunchbox, Minion backpack, water bottle, sweatshirt, and lunch containers all got the Kidecals treatment. With plenty of labels left over for the odds and ends that get called to school throughout the year, this kid isn't going to lost ANYTHING and that makes me a happy Momma. 

When celebrating back to school, why should Charlie have all the fun?! While perusing Kidecal's website, I discovered something that tickled my blogging Mommy fancy.....keyboard decals for Mac books. 

Now, I love me a good daycare label. They make day significantly easier and I am so happy to have them in my life, but these? These might be my favorite labels in existence. pretty computer. 

RIGHT?! Are these not the coolest? Like the rest of their site, there are a ton of color and pattern options and they are made to stand the test of time. I type, a lot, and I truly feel like these are going to last for the long haul. The non-residue acrylic adhesive sticks, but is removable without damaging the keys. They were surprisingly easy to put on and only took about 15 minutes.

Are they easy to use? 

Heck yes. Peel and stick. It doesn't get easier than that! Need a change? Just peel them off and go with something else. The adhesive won't ruin surfaces when used properly.

What is my favorite parts?
  • There was a tremendous variety, for kids AND adults, to choose from.
  • Personalizing them was a breeze.
  • They arrived 4 days later with free shipping!
  • They are laminated, heavy duty, and stick to a variety of surfaces.
  • They are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer proof so there is no need to buy different labels for different items. One sheet does it all.
  • Did I mention free shipping?!
Do I recommend them?

Absolutely! And lucky for you, Kidecals is offering a 15% off coupon code for my readers! Just plug in ilovelabels at check out to score this deal.

Thank you to Kidecals for the opportunity to learn more about your awesome products! Show Kidecals some social media love and swing by and follow them here, here, here, here, and here!

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