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Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday: You Know You're a Runner When...

Last week's post about searching for 5K's when you travel got me thinking. You know you're a runner when... Jeff and I started talking about it and came up with a pretty hilarious list. A list, I might add, that I would not have made nor understood a year ago. Gotta love it.

You know you're a runner when...

  • You search for 5K's at your travel destination in case you can squeeze one in. 
  • Your running shoes are by far the most expensive shoes you own.
  • You begin sorting your laundry by darks, lights, whites....and running stuff. 
  • You sleep in your sports bra to make getting up for early runs easier. 
  • You run around your apartment building a few times just to get that last few tenths of a mile. 
  • You try not to use your phone a lot during the day so it'll have enough battery for your run after work. 
  • You accidentally run on your off day (I did this one last week! Whoops!)
  • You have more races on your calendar than other social events. 
  • You don't want to vacuum the living room, but will put in 4 miles down town. 
  • You know where all of the bumps in the side walk are from running with the stroller. 
  • People regularly tell you that you're crazy and you say, "thank you."
  • As you drive around town, you keep an eye on the odometer so you can plan your next long run.
  • Your toddler climbs in the jogger and asks to go for a run.

What about you? How do you know you're a runner?!

On the training front, things are going really well! I have about two weeks until the Chocolate Tour 6 miler and I AM READY! I ran 6 miles on Monday night that honestly felt great. I ran in town until I ran out of sidewalk, then came back home. When I was approaching my house I realized I'd only run 4.75 miles and briefly considered stopping there. Then I realized; if I ran another 15 minutes, I could hit 6 miles. Fifteen minutes. That's all! Running is such a mental game and I'm learning that more and more as every day passes. It is all in my head. Right now? I've got one thought...

I can't wait to crush this race!


  1. So... you've drank the kool aid, huh? Welcome to the club! Can't wait to run with you!

  2. Sounds like you are kicking ass! Keep up the good work!