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Monday, May 19, 2014

Super Why! Live

Despite not actually getting PBS, Charlie has a love for Super Why! thanks to Netflix. I mean really, its the perfect show for him and his obsession with the alphabet. As parents, there are definitely worse shows out there (Caillou, anyone?) so I guess we'll deal with it.

On Sunday, we met good friends at Sesame Place and as chance would have it, their rotating specialty show was Super Why! Live. Talk about making Charlie's day!

Now that is one happy boy. :)

The actors, spandexy. Eh, the show wasn't bad - I'll admit that. It wasn't like a regular episode and had several new songs, which was nice. Plus, nothing got stuck in my head afterwards. Score!

Other than the show, however, Sesame Place was kind of a bust. The weather was rather bipolar and couldn't decide if it was sweltering and sunny or cold and windy, meaning the water rides (about half the park) were out of the question. Almost half of the dry rides were under construction, leaving only a small number of things for the kids to ride.......meaning everyone and their Mom (literally) were in line for them. Waiting 45 minutes for anything is too long for a toddler. I remember going as a kid and loving the water rides, so maybe it would have been different if more was open.

Oh well, it was still nice to see friends and have a day out as a family!

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