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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Countdown to ONE!

Someone is 11 months old! Well, on the 27th she was, but bear with me here. I can't believe this funny, sassy little lady will be one in less than a month. They say time goes faster with each subsequent kid and they're right. These past 11 months have flown by in a way I couldn't have even anticipated.

Here's what's up this month...

Stats: We haven't been in for a check up recently, but she's about 19 lbs and 26 1/2" tall. Still a shorty, but that's alright. She's fitting perfectly in 6-9 month clothes, but wears some 12 month stuff like jeans and jackets.

Ginny's little personality is seriously starting to show. She is so sweet and cuddly - always wanting hugs and slobbery open mouth kisses. If you sit on the floor, she'll crawl over and climb on you, wrapping her pudgy little arms around your neck for a hug. Makes any day better! She's not quite walking yet, but zooms around the living room with any push toy and cruises on furniture like a champ. She can stand solo, but I think she's afraid to take a step. One of these days, she'll just take off. I know it.

She has discovered the play kitchen and loves playing with the fabric food and dishes. The kitchen has been Charlie's for 2 years now, so he's (slowly) learning to share with her. She also has been enjoying her singing princess castle and her pull back zoomer cars.

Ginny's been chattering up a storm, saying mama, dada, baba, uh-oh, night night, puppy (puh-puh), and hi. She loves to wave at people, play peek-a-boo with Charlie, and laughing at just about everything he does. She tries to undress herself, though all she can take off successfully are her socks and shoes.

Some firsts this month included her first snow day and first time sledding. She's also eating a ton more foods and loves feeding herself (and making a mess). She still loves the bath and splashing, but has also found a love for climbing all over things, making music, and investigating just about everything she can get her hands on.

One more month baby girl, then you're officially a toddler. This month will be full of birthday party planning, preparing to transition to a new room at daycare, and a whole lot of fun. 

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