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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Halloween Season is Coming!

I've counted down to Halloween even before it was my anniversary and my child's birthday. It's just a fun holiday and I love the creativity of dressing up (and the candy, of course). This year will be especially fun -- sibling costumes! I'm pretty sure I hated it when my parents would dress my sister and I up in a theme, but too bad - its freaking adorable. I've got a few ideas pinned and they're all Disney themed since we'll be going down there in October and they celebrate Halloween all month long.

So far I'm thinking Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, Jake and Izzy (a la Jake and the Neverland Pirates), and/or Snow White and a dwarf or prince.

Charlie has been obsessed with Jake lately and I think he'd get a big kick out of dressing up. The trick is going to be finding time to put these things together before we go! Because of work August and September fly by, so I need to keep an eye on the clock and get working. Thankfully, I think I can pull them all off without buying patterns since for most of the pieces its either regular clothing of a specific color or pretty easy to figure out.

Who else is thinking of Halloween already? Or am I the only crazy person?

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