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Monday, May 6, 2013

Toddle Along Tuesday: Things My Kid Says

Its a well known fact that when toddlers learn to talk, they are hysterical, embarrassing, and sometimes completely frustrating. This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is, "Things My Kid Says." Whether they're cute, funny, or just ridiculous, this is the place for them. In no particular order, here are my most recent favorite Charlie-isms.
  • How he says "banana," adding in extra L sounds and sticking out his tongue. I'm going to be slightly sad when he figures out how to say it correctly.
  • Telling G, "no biting!" while she's nursing. I try to explain that she's not biting, but he insists on trying to protect me.
  • Along the same lines, telling G, "It's okay, it's okay." when she's upset and crying. Melts my heart.
  • "Reading" his favorite book, "Russell the Sheep" with an emphasis on the "What's a sheep to do?!" and "Not tired!" parts.
  • When he wishes to express his disagreement with a request or situation, he simply says, "Nope!" with a cheeky facial expression to match.
  • He adds "Look! A..." in front of everything and shrieks with excitement. "Look! A Mommy!" "Look! A baby!" "Look! A Daddy!"
  • The second we drive into the shopping center where Target is, he immediately begins asking for popcorn or "copcorn" and he says.
All of his little words crack us up. We can't wait for him to start with silly sentences, jokes, and other toddler antics!

What does your kid say that makes you laugh or go aww? Link up with Toddle Along Tuesday over at Growing Up Geeky and share!

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