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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sun Power!

Now that it's nice outside, I can finally use the awesome power of the sun to help with laundry. If you haven't tried sunning stains yet, you should! It works like a charm with no effort on your part. While long term sunning can fade colors, it does wonders on dingy, dull whites.

Excuse the poop stains, but it'll help illustrate my point. These diapers were run through the wash twice, but were still rather stained. Bleach isn't all that great for diapers (or babies for that matter), so that was out of the question. Instead, just hang or lay wet diapers/laundry in the sunniest spot in your yard and leave them for a while. For stubborn stains, a spritz of fresh lemon juice and water will usually do the trick. Just remember to rewash anything you spray lemon on as the citrus can irritate baby's tush.

Grovia AI2 insert (left), Rumparooz one size pocket (right)

Here are the same diapers after about two hours of sunning with lemon juice. Just two hours! They look brand new again. Aside from stain removal, the sun also helps sanitize and get rid of stinkies.

Enjoy your bright whites this summer!

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