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Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to BlogLovin'

While I admire Google's constant drive towards innovation, sometimes its a bit annoying. Sorry, Google - it's true. In July, Google Friend Connect (which seems to have just gotten here) will be disappearing along with their reader program.

When I first heard about this change, I knew there would be something coming to fill the void and I was right. As of July, BlogLovin' will be filling in for GFC as a combined reader/follower in one. Every day, you'll get a nice little email of all the updates you follow, kind of like a newspaper (remember those?!)

Here's the catch - you need to tell BlogLovin' what blogs you follow. So, if you'd like to keep getting updates from All Four Love, click on our logo below and keep us on your feed! Don't miss out on all of the cute baby posts in the coming months!

Want to quickly transfer all of your blogs from Google Reader to BlogLovin'? Can do! Once you create an account, go to "Account" and then "Settings." Under "Other" click the "Import" button and choose "Google Reader." All of the blogs you currently follow via Google Friend Connect/Google Reader are now available on BlogLovin'. Easy peasy!

Enjoy your new, easy reading experience without the hassle of re-liking all of your favorite blogs!

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