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Sunday, January 6, 2013

52 Recipe Challenge: Ready, Set, Cook!

As you know, one of my 2013 goals is to try at least 52 new recipes (one per week) to spice up our routine. We find ourselves, as many families do, in a food rut - making the same things over and over again. No more!

If you're in a rut like us, join the 52 Recipe Challenge! I'll be posting every Monday about the previous week's recipe. Link up and share your recipe and review - together we can make our meals more interesting.

Recipes don't necessarily need to be a whole meal or even dinner specific. It could be a dessert, a drink, a side, a new lunch idea, etc. As long as its something new that you haven't made before. The source doesn't matter either - another blog, Pinterest, a cook book, or your own creative mind. Remember to give credit to any sources you've borrowed from, to give your review, and take a picture of your masterpiece!

Tomorrow starts week #1. If you didn't happen to try a new recipe, no worries! Link up an old favorite or something you want to try to get things started. I'm excited to see what nifty recipes turn up!

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