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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Over Prepared: The Hospital Bag

With C, I didn't have the forethought to pack my hospital bag early enough. A lot of people assumed that the lesson I learned was to pack it super, crazy early. Yeah, that's part of it, but what I really learned is that if you don't pack "right," you will indeed survive.

Running out the door to labor and delivery, I grabbed my insurance information, my cell phone charger, and that's about it. J had to come back home and get everything else, which consisted of my pillow, bathrobe, laptop, camera, and a change of clothes. After C was born and we realized he would be there for a bit, we gathered up the rest of the stuff we'd need for our stay.

With the time and forethought this time around, of course I'm going to take advantage and pack what I want, but hopefully, I'll remember that its not a crisis to run back home or ask the nurses for something I forgot.

I know our experience is different than most since C was in the NICU, but here are some of the things I found helpful to have with me:
  • A nice bathrobe to walk around in
  • Slipper socks or slippers
  • Chargers (camera, laptop, phone)
  • My pillow (because I'm picky like that)
  • Change of clothes to go home 

Things I got from the hospital and didn't need to bring:
  • A nice big water jug (that I still use to this day!)
  • Something to write on/with to keep track of all the crazy going on
  • Breastfeeding supplies
  • Postpartum undies and pads
  • Toiletries (though it would have been nice to have my own toothbrush)
  • Extra pillows (to sleep, nurse, or get comfy)

Sure, there were a few luxuries I wish I had, but with the hospital being an hour from home we made due. This time around, my bag is going to consist of:
  • Bathrobe, slippers, and flip flops for the shower
  • Toiletries, a brush, and hair clips
  • Tums and lip balm (they ration the Tums and its awful)
  • A change of comfy clothes for me (including a nursing bra or two)
  • Undercover Mama camisoles for nursing
  • An outfit and car seat blanket for Ginny

And a few last minute things to grab on the way out the door like my camera bag, cell phone charger, insurance information, and my favorite pillow. I'm still debating on bringing the Boppy pillow because I know the hospital will have a ton of regular pillows available.

Aside from having the car seat installed, that's about it. I'm definitely trying to travel light this time because I remember just how much stuff we brought home with C. You can basically take anything non-linen that has been allocated to your room - diapers, wipes, formula, pumping parts, goodie bags and samples, etc. We literally needed a cart to leave the NICU.

And don't forget about that labor and delivery water jug. I'd better get another one. Those things are the bomb.

Now the trick is going to be when to pack. For most of the stuff, I can probably pack it now and just set it aside without it being a problem. Having three months to go, however, I feel like its a bit early. Having already been to L&D once already and having extreme anxiety about having another preemie, however, makes me want to pack it anyway.

Knowing me, it'll be packed inside of a week. Here's to being way over prepared!


  1. I didn't pack until I was 37 weeks, but I agree- if I had already been to L&D I would have packed super early.
    Here's to a long 3rd tri!

    ps, love the new blog design!

  2. I did not pack ahead. I wanted to wear all the stuff that I wanted to bring with me. Pretty funny since I am such a planner! I even went right on my due date!

  3. Certainly, there is no need of packing much stuff. I remember those days when my wife was pregnant and we were in the hospital. We were nervous and doctor's were wearing some hospital ID cards there. It happens, everybody feels nervousness.

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