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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Passing it On

I firmly believe in Momma Karma; you pass things on and things will be passed to you. Kid's clothes, shoes, and toys are entirely too expensive and are gone through so quickly, its ridiculous to be buying everything new all the time. Consignment is great, but you don't get a lot of money in return. Yard sales increase your profit, but who has the time? Just pass it on.

I finally got up the energy to go through all of C's baby clothes to pare down what we had in storage. We had three small boxes and one huge box (one of those big 25 gallon tubs) of clothes just sitting in the closet. I've gone through them in the past and given away a few bags of things, but this time I meant business. While we're not necessarily done having kids after this one, the odds of us having another boy born in the same season as C is just not worth the chance. We wouldn't have another until C was at least in kindergarten, so why hold on to boxes of clothes for 3+ years?

It was sad to see some things go, but refreshing at the same time. I sorted everything into piles for friends with little boys, consignment, donation, trash (some things were pretty stained) and things that would work with this little girl. There's no reason a girl can't wear "boy" denim, Christmas pajamas, and footed sleepers with elephants on them. Oh, and rocket ships and robots. She'll wear those too.

The earthy part of me is excited to see these clothes get yet another life; I bought many of them through consignment or received as hand me downs.

Now that we have more room, I can start collecting things for the baby and sorting through the girly hand me downs we've been generously given and lent. Of all the boxes of C's stuff, there is one small one left of things that don't yet fit him, out of season clothes that still fit, and baby things I just couldn't bear to part with - even if we never get to use them again.

Irrational? Probably. That's parenthood for you.

1 comment:

  1. Agree- Kate will be wearing her cousin's dinosaur and football pajamas. If they fit and are warm then it doesn't matter what pattern is on them.