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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Move Over Turkey....the Tree is Up!

We're already sick of Thanksgiving left overs, so it must be time to put up the Christmas tree! After digging out the boxes of decorations, realizing half our lights didn't work, and moving around a few toys and pieces of furniture - we were ready to decorate!

We have come to realize that its much easier and much less stressful to adapt whatever we're doing to include C rather than shooing him away and telling him "no, don't touch that!" a hundred times during the process. The same goes for the tree. We have two boxes of beautiful, mostly breakable ornaments, but for this year (and probably the next several years) are using mostly inexpensive, plastic ornaments from WalMart (the kind that come in a tube). Tied with ribbon instead of metal hooks, they are practically C proof and he can join us in the festivities. He had a blast!

Sure, the tree looks slightly top heavy with bigger ornaments, but C had so much fun putting his ornaments on the tree. He put them on very nicely.....and then I spread them out so they weren't all on the same branch. ;-) This Christmas is going to be so much fun; he is already in awe of the lights and the tree. The entire time we were decorating, he was letting out these soft, whisper quiet "wow!" sounds. I love that sweet boy.

Enjoying his new Christmas stickers and admiring the tree.

We also put up our advent calendar, bunting, window lights, and the ornament window decor I spied on Pinterest a few weeks ago. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! Its amazing what some plastic ornaments and fishing line can do for a big boring window.

I still need a few command hooks to hang our stockings, but we're pretty much set for the season. Only thing left to do is finish the shopping, do some wrapping, and make lots of Christmas cookies!

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