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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gender Prediction?

Now that we know for sure a little girl is on the way, it was fun to look back on all of the gender prediction quizzes and old wives tales to see if they were right. Here are various predictions

Prediction Quizzes/Methods:

Chinese Gender Chart ( Girl
Lunar Calendar Gender Chart: Boy
Shettles Method (like you wanted to know): Girl

Old Wives Tales:

Heartbeat (in the 160's): Girl
Morning Sickness (ugh, yes): Girl
Cravings (salty, savory foods): Boy
Weight Gain (hardly any so far): Boy
Carrying in the front vs. all around (eh, a bit of a spare tire): Girl
Carrying high/low (a little early to tell): ??
Skin (clear, normal): Boy
Husband gaining sympathy pounds (not really): Boy

While the "prediction" methods seem to have a better accuracy rate than the old wives tales in my case, its always neat to see just how many ways there are to "predict" what you are having. With C, almost all of these methods were dead on from cravings to how I was carrying. Interesting stuff.


  1. When I was pregnant I was approached by a woman in Whole Foods who asked to check my pulse (as part of her certification she needed to check a bunch of people a week)- so it turns out she could 'tell what I was having' by 'feeling the pulses of my organs' but *surprise* when I said I didn't know what I was having she said she couldn't tell because my pulse was low.