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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Toddlers Get Taller

My tiny little guy is getting way too big! I feel like we've been in a constant pattern of moving things around to keep them out of his go go gadget toddler hands. Since moving him to a twin bed in his new room, we've been especially careful about keeping his room super toddler proofed (or at least as well as we possibly can - toddlers are crafty little people).

One thing we realized needed a look were his books and toys. We don't mind having his books and toys out and available in his room. If he gets out of bed, at least he has something to do instead of screaming for us to come get him out. It buys us a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning!

The main storage unit in his room is a 4 x 2 cube unit from Target with a few fabric drawers for blocks and toys. No worries, people - its anchored to the wall. ;-) Originally, we put all of his hardback and jacketed books in the top cubes and board books in the lower cubes within his reach. Well, now at 33 1/2", he can reach his little hands up to the top shelf and get down most of his nicer books. While he hasn't destroyed a book yet (*knocks on wood*) I didn't want to take any chances.

Hardbacks went up on the dresser and paperbacks, board books, and puzzles made their way into the cubes. 

Another reason we wanted to clear up some space on his bookshelf was to bring out some puzzles. Normally, they're stuck in one of the fabric drawers. He's recently taken a huge interest in puzzles, so we wanted to make them more visible. An extra pot lid rack makes for perfect puzzle storage!

It amazes me how big he's getting and how his preference in toys is changing. We've put away all of his baby toys and begun collecting more complicated big kid toys like puzzles, blocks, tools, cars, and musical instruments. I love reorganizing his room!

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