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Friday, May 11, 2012

I'd Like to Forget Thursday, Please & Thank You.

We have been so busy the past few days - I don't even know where the time went. It all started with Thursday. Oh, Thursday - the day I'd like to forget!

I kept C home on Thursday so we could check out a new daycare in town and go to his 18 month well baby visit. The daycare visit was at 9am and his appointment at 10am, so we got up early to get ready and clean up a bit. I'm not quite sure how this always happens, but no matter how much time I leave to get ready, we're always running out the door late! Maybe its things like this...

Me: "Let's get your shoes on, C."
C: "No." ::goes back to playing::
Me: "No really, we have to go."
::runs upstairs to the front door::
::chases him upstairs, but forgets shoes downstairs::
::carries screaming child down stairs::
::fights to put shoes on::

At that point, I have about 30 seconds to grab up our stuff and go before the shoes come off again. He thinks he's so sneaky. :-)

As we're heading out the door to the car, C was still not happy about leaving. I had him in one arm and the diaper bag and my purse in the other. About 10 feet from the car, he threw his cup on the ground in protest.

You know that thing you do when you can bend down slightly and slide a kid down your side and plop them down on their feet? Yeah, that - except he wouldn't stand up. He sat on his butt and almost simultaneously slammed his head back onto the pavement.

He screamed immediately - which is always a good thing to hear after a head knock. I picked him up and all of his dainty little curls were matted with blood. I'm proud of myself - I actually didn't freak out. I knew that heads bled a LOT regardless of the wound, so I tried to check it out before deciding what to do. A man working nearby saw C go down and ran over - he was an EMT. We got C cleaned up and saw that though bleeding profusely, the actual wound was teeny tiny. ::whew::

I whipped out a snack, dried off his head, and he was happy as a clam.

We swung by the new daycare and did a quick walk through. He loved it, I loved it. C is currently at a daycare we all love, but its near J's work 30 minutes away. If he was closer to home, I could take him out for a quick doctor's appointment, etc. without having to keep him home all day or driving all over creation. I hate to move him, but this place is only a mile away and about $200 less a month, while still being as active, educational, and safe. Plus, they will take our cloth diapers! Woo! He'll go part time all summer while J is off work (just to get out of the house a bit) and then go back full time in the fall.

Next stop was the pediatrician for his check up. We saw the PA that we love and he did wonderfully. His ears are still clear (YES!) and he's growing like a weed. He's 32 1/2 inches tall, 27lbs 1oz, with a huge noggin. I never thought I'd see my little peanut in the 65% for weight! He got a vaccination and we were on our way.

The rest of the day went alright, if you forget about C skipping nap time, throwing lunch, and having several blow out diapers - in protest, I assume. One of those blow outs happened on the microfiber couch. ::sigh:: Blood, pee, poop, spit, snot, and sweat. If only he'd puked I could have gotten a prize in the bodily fluid Olypics! Wait, that doesn't exist? Damn. I tried.

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