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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend (and Another Ear Infection)

Sorry for the posting lapse - while we were away for Easter weekend, C came down with his third ear infection in a row. Whomp whomp. :-( Amoxicillin didn't work, Omnicef didn't work, so on to Rocephin shots we went. I hate seeing him get these shots because the needle is huge and the medicine is thick and slow to push, but it helps so much when other things don't. It was the only thing that knocked out his fever and upper respiratory gunk back in December.

The good news is that he's feeling better and his ears are clearing up. Hopefully, they continue to stay clear because one more infection means a consult with the ENT.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our Easter extravaganza weekend pre-ear infection melt down.

C colored Easter eggs for the first time and loved it. He was completely unimpressed last year (see picture on the right) and refused to participate.

He got to hang out with some of his favorite people.

And got bubbles in his Easter basket, which pretty much made his weekend. 


  1. I am glad he had a great time with the Easter egg dying but boo for the ear infection- I am sorry to hear:( We had a sucktastic easter too- I blogged all about it. He is just the cutest! Happy Easter my friend!

    1. I saw that! Poor little guy - I hope he's feeling much better by now! The "its just a virus" diagnosis coupled with a high fever is just so scary. :(