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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

PhotobucketIts Saturday! That means I'm linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday's Top Five Laughs Blog Hop -- a culmination of the week's funny/cute kid moments!

Be sure to swing by the blog hop and check out other top five laughs!

5. When asked where it is, C has gone from pointing to his belly to full on trying to take his shirt off to show you. Not sure where that one came from!

4. A group of my co-workers came over for dinner and as they were leaving we were standing around talking and laughing. C was sitting on the floor between us, having no idea what we were talking about, but laughing along with us anyway.

3. I know I've already talked about this, but its one of the funniest things he's ever done - ever. C's new "surprised" face continues to make an appearance. Now, he does it when he's doing something naughty and wants to make us laugh. And it works.

2. C has taken a few steps, but wasn't really balanced at all. He'd kind of step/lunge to get a few feet to the couch. This week, however, he's begun letting go of the coffee table and balancing a bit more. The hysterical part is that he holds his arms out like he's surfing and looks at us like, "Looklooklook OMG I'm gonna fall LOOK!"

1. My #1 laugh this week comes in the form of a video. Since getting Jodie back, C has developed quite a hysterical relationship with her. It consists of her coming out hiding for food, water, or a poop, C seeing her from across the room and him chasing her while screeching "cat cat cat cat." Poor kitty, she deals with him so well.


  1. "Look at the beer gut on that kid" - well, stop giving him so much beer, Jen!

    1. Oooh, duh! ;-)

      (Disclaimer: Put down the phone - I don't really give my toddler beer.)

  2. Oh my goodness, his surprised facial expressions make me laugh!! What a stud! lol

  3. Haha- we have a taking off shirt kid too! Too funny! Oh my goodness- that surprised look face is adorable! I love it! I love the video. It is a true bond:) Haha- I love that he is "smacking" the cat and the cat, is all for it! Really so cute. Love your laughs!!