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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dressing a Boy is Hard

This is one of those things I complain about a lot. Sorry. If you don't have children or are the Mom of a little girl, you may not notice, but when it comes to clothes, accessories, etc. little boys get the short end of the stick. For every rack of boy clothes, there are at least three of girl clothes. Really - next time you're in Target, take a look. Its not necessarily every store everywhere, but the vast majority are this way.

Another big offender are deal sites like Zulily and BabySteals. Oh, baby shoes on today's steal for 75% off? Seven versions of girl shoes in 10 sizes and two versions for boys in 3 sizes? Ah, gotcha. I've gotten a few great steals from Baby Steals, but always baby gear, not clothing.

Granted, I understand there just isn't as much out there for boys - especially in the shoe/accessory sector. Girls have headbands and other hair things, tights, a ton of shoe options, tutus, and so on. How many miniature ties and bucket hats can one boy own? Even Baby Legs (which I love) are debatable as to their gender neutralness.

Now, what I will say in favor of the boy's selection out there is that it seems much easier to find miniature adult clothes for boys than for girls. Even dressy clothes for girls have crazy sparkles, appliques, and sayings on them. I can find a plain polo or sweater for C pretty easy once I track down the boy's section.

That brings me to cloth diapers. Cloth diaper manufacturers are unfortunately as girls > boys as the stores. Lots of girly patterns and few boy patterns and even those are usually relegated to sports and puppies. Can a Mom get a robot or space ship up in here? Again, they exist, but aren't easy to find and everyone deserves stylish poop sacks - even the boys.

Voila! Glow Bug Cloth Diapers -- a cloth diaper set where every single boy print is unique, boyish, and cute!

Flames, stars, punk rock plaid, skulls, space ships, robots, dinosaurs, guitars, and more. Love it!

ELF: A Family Blog is having a give away for a Glow Bug Cloth Diaper of your choice right now and I know I've got my eye on the rocket ship one. If you're interested, head over and throw your hat in the ring!

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