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Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Always (a) Silver Lining

I know, I know - that's four words. The "a" totally doesn't count. I mean, look at it. Its straight up puney.  

This week was absolutely crazy and I am over the moon that its Friday at 5pm. Between work being more overwhelming than usual, daycare issues, insurance company issues, things breaking in the apartment issues, and the nightmare that were C's daycare pictures.....stick a fork in me. I'm done. There were some silver lining moments, however, that I cannot forget.

I donated blood on Tuesday for the first time since I was 17 years old. That first experience was enough to scare me into a decade of excuses, but I finally found my way back to the needle. Thankfully, it went awesome and I felt great afterward. Its amazing what 10 years and 30lbs will do for you.

My beloved Keurig coffee maker broke on Monday. The whole piece that punches into the little k-cup and makes the coffee magic possible melted and cracked into pieces. I had to hold back tears. The silver lining? I called Keurig expecting to pay for replacement parts since it was a year out of warranty, but instead am being sent a brand new coffee maker free of charge. How's that for customer service? Keurig, I want to have your babies.

(If you think I'm a crazy person for owning such an expensive coffee maker or are on the fence about buying one, ask me about mine. I will convince you to come to the delicious dark side.)

The cherry on the sundae of this week was getting the proofs for C's picture day pictures. I was excited to have Life Touch photography (ya know, the people who do the prom and senior pictures?) take C's first "school pictures" at daycare. We got them back yesterday and I wanted to cry. This was a big deal to me and they were absolutely horrible. In one, he wasn't even looking at the camera, in another he looked cute, but the picture was blurry and there was a shadow on his face from inadequate lighting. The creme de la creme, however, was the one of him sitting with a woman's hand behind him. A HAND, from the wrist up, in the shot behind my kid in the 8x10 picture they were trying to sell me for $13. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

I'd post them, but I don't have the rights to them and don't like getting sued. If you want to see the ridiculousness, let me know and I'll show you privately.

I called Life Touch and complained about the proofs. I was under no obligation to buy them, so I didn't expect anything, but was disappointed that a photographer sent these to us as acceptable prints - I had to say something The customer service agent was admittedly embarrassed. He got my information, put me on hold, and came back to say that he'd be sending a gift certificate for a sitting fee and 2 free picture sheets at our local JC Penney studio (owned by Life Touch). Totally unexpected, but obviously welcomed. He said he has a daughter who just started kindergarten and he knows how upset he'd be if this happened to them.

All in all, a horrible/awesome week. Bring it, weekend.

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