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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Caterpillars, Caterpillars Everywhere!

Let me start by saying - C's birthday invitations go out next week. Next week. Ya know, when he's 11 months old and has a month left until he's one.

Commence maternal freak out.

Back to the invitations. I was determined to get these things made last night because I have a pile of other things to do for the party. Little did I know, troubleshooting, trial and error, and lots of glue issues would keep me up until 1:00am. Whatever - they're done. All they need is C's picture in the first circle (I ordered prints from Shutterfly) and they're ready to send! Next on the birthday party list is Happy Birthday bunting, sanding and painting the high chair, and some other general decorations.

Don't mind the grey blobs. You don't get my address and phone number. ;-)

Oh, and the cake. Yes, in true MommaM "take on too much" fashion, I'm going to attempt to make C's birthday cake as well. I'm thinking two tiers with white marshmallow fondant, gumballs around the base of each tier, his name around one tier and the caterpillar around the other. I can do this. I think.

If you're making a face about me using fondant, know two things. 1) I'm not using it on his smash cake because its WAY too much sugar and he'd never bust through it to get to the cake and 2) marshmallow fondant is much, much different than the gross plastic crap most bakeries use on their cakes. If you want to love fondant, try it! It is absolutely delicious!

That's the update from party central. I'm hoping to put the invites in the mail at the end of the week. Pretty much everyone is an out of town guest, so I'm figuring a month is plenty of notice.

39 days until the big o-n-e. Let the countdown continue to fly by at light speed.

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