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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aaaand We're Back!

Can you say busy? Its been almost 2 months since a post, but now that things have (finally) settled down after the move I thought it was about time to get back to posting. Prepare for the assault of cute C pictures from the past few weeks. You've been warned...

Since I last posted: We moved, I started a new job, and J got a new job. C started full time daycare, turned 9 and then 10 months old, started eating a ton of new foods, discovered the joy of swimming, and began army crawling. Big changes around here. Now that we have a semi-mobile baby, we've started baby proofing and being more vigilant about not leaving things around for him to eat. Somehow, he still seems to get by us. Trick, tricky kid.

We love our new apartment and our new hometown is growing on us. Yet another small mountain town, but charming as usual. The trick is finding time to keep this place clean and stocked with food, TP, and other important stuff now that J isn't a stay at home Dad doing all of those things during the day. Look at us being all two income and junk.

A fabulous addition to our new apartment is space for my craft room. Woo hoo! Too bad I've been too busy to do much with it. :-/ In the past several weeks, my biggest crafty accomplishment came within the past 48 hours. I finally completed the rocket ship wall art for C's room! The set I made in the spring was for a friend's son who happened to have the same bedding. Now C has a set. Tomorrow I'm going to sew some matching bunting and hang everything up. Pictures to come!

The next two months are going to be chock full of projects - the list is a mile long! Aside from working on invites and decorations for C's birthday party, I found a beautiful wood highchair at a flea market to refinish and inherited my grandmother's sewing machine to fix up. The highchair is going to be stripped/sanded and repainted red. I am so psyched! It was $10 and in incredible condition considering its age.

The sewing machine is in slightly rough shape and the table its in has definitely seen better days. Much better days. I hope to take the machine out and refinish the whole table. The machine can be tuned up at a local sewing shop for a whopping $49, so hopefully it'll be in working condition in a few months. Isn't it beautiful? Its a Singer AH model, which was manufactured in 1947. Its electric (not foot peddle action for this chick) and I have all of the extra pieces for it. I can't wait to add it to my little machine family.

So there's the scoop. Updates, new pictures, and upcoming projects. In the coming weeks, I hope to update the tabs at the top of the blog, update the header, and keep posting. Duh. I will do my best to get back into my blog rolls and weekly entries (Spring Cleaning Saturday, Tutorial Tuesday, WTF Wednesday, etc.). I pinky swear. :-D

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