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Friday, July 8, 2011

Y3W: Your Three Words

Can you sum up your week in three words? Jenni from the Blog challenges bloggers to do this every week. Fun, huh? Join in the fun! When you've written about your three words, hop around to other blogs participating in Y3W by clicking this lovely button!

My three words for this week: Pack my house.

Please? Someone, anyone...pack my house for me! Or at least give me copious amounts of boxes, packing tape, and coffee. It'll get done eventually. I'll share some pictures tomorrow for Spring Cleaning Saturday of what my crazy 1/8th packed apartment looks like. In the meantime, I'm off to pack some more boxes!


  1. Ick...packing is the worst!!! I'm always amazed at how much stuff I have!! Good luck - I'd help if I was closer - it's always more fun to pack someone elses stuff:) Hope you have a good weekend and get everything packed!

  2. Ug I hate packing!!! Good luck to you! But I do love pinterest - already following you. :o)