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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning Saturday: No More Sewing

Sad day. I finished up a few last blanket orders and packed up pretty much all of my sewing stuff. I wanted to keep everything set up until zero hour, but the truth is that between all the packing, cleaning, and getting ready to move I just won't have much time to sit down and sew. I did leave out some knitting supplies on the slim chance I had some downtime and needed to occupy myself.

The crazy part of all this? I filled 5 boxes and a plastic tote with just supplies and a bit of fabric. Most of my fabric is stored in those multi-drawer plastic cart things (sorted by color, of course), but I still had a bit left out from making loveys. It was sad to put everything away, but I'll be pulling it out again in about two weeks.

Hopefully, as I organize my new craft/sewing room. :-D

I know its part of moving, but I'm already sick of living amongst, tripping over, and walking around stacks of boxes. ::sigh:: Only 11 days until the move. Then I can be sick of unpacking, but at least then I'll be cleaning instead of making a bigger mess.

I'm also sick of hunting for things that we didn't think we'd need, but end up needing. Trying to remember where you packed something when there are 15 boxes just labeled "kitchen" is a treat.

11 days to go.


  1. Good luck with the move! I'm your newest follower from TAT blog hop. I'd love for you to come link up for my Tasty Thursday Recipe Swap Blog Hop. Plus I have a great giveaway starting tomorrow!

  2. Aw shoot, I HATE moving. I hope it goes well and you feel settled soon.

    Also? Charlie is too cute. I'm sure you probably know that, though. ;)

    Following from TAT blog hop!

  3. Thanks for the invite, How to Mommy! I'll check it out!