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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Attack of the Blueberry

We had our first "such a big mess you just throw them in the tub fully clothed" incident. Of course, it had to be with blueberries. Luckily, I was out taking advantage of the end of the season clearance sale at Ann Taylor Loft and missed the clean up. What I didn't miss was cleaning up little spots of blueberry on everything leading from C's high chair to the tub.

What happened? J made C's dinner - a tub of peas and the remaining apple/blueberry cubes from the freezer for dessert. Yum! Our little grabber is getting pretty good at reaching for things and while J was strapping him in, swatted the bowl of goopy goodness off the table and all over himself, his highchair, the table, and the floor. I really wish J took a picture of blueberrymageddon 2011. Geeze, doesn't he know how to blog?! Pffttt.

Thank goodness for Oxyclean. I love this outfit and it was one of the few that I actually bought new!

Since then, we have found spots of blueberry on the kitchen floor (nowhere near the scene of the crime), on the hallway carpet, the shower curtain, on the toilet lid, and on the outside of the tub. I have a feeling we're going to keep finding rouge spots for a few days.

And this is where my parenting mantra comes in when things get messy. "Hey, it could have been poop."

1 comment:

  1. LMAO @ blueberrymageddon 2011 hee hee hee I hoe you schooled your H in the necessity of taking pics when hilarious things happen!!

    ... Hey are you on twitter? ... If not you should join the conversation! :o)