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Monday, May 9, 2011

Well, still no laptop.

If anyone even still checks this, I apologize for being MIA. My laptop has been in HP's possession for the past 2 weeks and I got it back in the mail today, only to find out that it is STILL broken. I haven't been able to do much without it and its seriously getting annoying to use Jeff's mac. *sigh*

As soon as I get it back and can upload pictures again, I'll share updates from the March for Babies walk, a few new craft projects, our new financial mission, and hopefully some news about whether we are moving or not. A lot, huh?

For now, I can share some pictures from Easter that I was able to upload.

In his first Easter basket, Charlie got a Snoopy book, a bathing suit, new socks, and candy (for Mom & Dad, of course). He was excited - mostly because he has no idea how lame socks and a bathing suit are.

We didn't have time to dye eggs on Saturday, so we waited until Sunday morning. Charlie wanted nothing to do with the cold, wet egg I put on his high chair tray, so he took a nap instead.

It was such a nice day that we decided to check out the local park. Despite looking ridiculously tiny in it, Charlie really enjoyed the swings. The grass? Not so much.

And this picture got thrown in for good measure because well, its freaking adorable. <3

Like I said, more to come when my computer gets its life figured out. I have lots of good ideas, just no computer to really blog on right now. :-(

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