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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Five Months Old!

Okay, okay, so this is a few days late. Between Charlie and I being sick and a long weekend away, its been tough to update. Here's the scoop!

Mr. Charlie is getting big! At his last doctor's appointment he weighed in at 12lbs. 4oz. and was 25 inches long. I can't believe how big my little baby is getting! The bad news is that we were at the doctor because of a horrible wet cough he developed about a week ago. Four prescriptions and a week later, he's doing much better and back to his normal sleep schedule. He's still got a bit of a cough, but its significantly better than it was. We're not sure if he just had a virus or if he's got allergies, but we're playing it by ear.

 Other five month updates? Charlie's new obsessions are with his exersaucer and the stuffed piggy toy that we hang on his car seat and he's been sleeping muuuuch better than he has in the past. I don't want to temp the baby sleep gods, but I've definitely been enjoying the extra sleep!!

In other news, we have a tooth!! After one very long weekend of sleepless nights and one cranky baby, we have a tooth. As you can see in the picture, the second one isn't far behind. All I ask is that this second one doesn't hurt him so bad! It broke my heart to hear him cry in pain. :-( There's only so much Orajel can do when you've got a tooth cutting through your gum.

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