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Friday, April 15, 2011

Charlie's New Tricks

One of the funny things about babies is that one day, they are unable to do something and the next, they've completely mastered it. There is no maybe, almost, or getting there. BAM they've got it and there is no going back. Case in point - rolling over.

Earlier this week, I spent a few days away from home for work, leaving Charlie and Jeff home to entertain themselves. Aside from the long nights of cranky baby teething time, they seemed to have fun! When I got back, Jeff told me that Charlie had suddenly learned how to roll from his back to his belly. Before that were only futile attempts to get on his side. Well, not only had he learned to roll to his front, but he'd discovered the joy of sleeping that way - face in buried in the mattress and everything. How much did he enjoy sleeping like this? 8 hours worth - a personal record.

Thus begins the eternal parental struggle - happy baby or doing the "right/safe thing." I'll give you a hint - 99% of the time, happy baby wins because well, happy baby = sane parents. Being able to roll over independently is a huge milestone and usually means a baby can sleep however they want. It is assumed that if they got stuck or something covered their face, they could free themselves. Yeah, tell that to my neurotic paranoia. I think I checked on him about a million times. Of course, he was fine and comfy. Lets just hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship...with sleep.

Now, comes a new challenge. Whenever we lay him on the floor to play, he's rolling all over the place. Our living room already looks like a Toys R Us advertisement - I can only imagine what its going to look like now that he's starting to become...*gasp!*


  1. So cute! And the mirror we got you is there too!

  2. He looooves that mirror. Its either in his crib with him or on his play mat with him!