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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleeping FTW!

Sleeping through the night to a normal person would consist of getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. To the parent of an infant, however, sleeping through the night means that said infant slept for 7-8 hours only getting up to briefly eat or get a diaper change. According to that understanding, we've finally got our self through a whole night of sleep!! And in his own crib, to boot!

Since I'll be going back to work in a few weeks, we decided to start introducing a loose night time routine to help get us track. At the moment, if we have a bad night, I can just nap with him all day. When I go back to work, that won't fly, so we need to set ourselves up for better sleep at night. Last night, the little man slept from 10:30pm to 1:30am, 2am to 5am, and 6am to 9am. I'm not rounding the times off either - he sleeps exactly three hours like clock work. Predictability is nice, but I know he can sleep longer than that. I'm thinking he may get up at those times out of habit, not need. Hopefully, he'll get into the groove of sleeping at night and sleep longer. *fingers crossed* For now, we are very happy parents.


  1. When do you go back to work? My first day back is February 8 -- dreading it already. :(

  2. I go back on January 24th. I'm not looking forward to taking Charlie to daycare, but I can't lie - it'll be nice to change up my day a little. lol

  3. my son slept the same way, it was so nice. This time around my daughter isn't as predictable, hopefully she will get there though.