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Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Update for a Busy Friday

Things have been pretty busy today, but its a good busy. Charlie is still making progress towards the doctor's weight, feeding, and bilirubin level goals and has kept himself out of an incubator with consistent body temperatures. Yay! Yesterday, all of his feedings were at least 20 ml, so today's goal was to get at least 30 ml (one ounce) per feeding. So far, so good! Unfortunately, he lost another 2 ounces yesterday and the doctor is slightly concerned. He's about 5lbs. 12oz. at the moment, which isn't terrible, just less than he weighed at birth. She told us today that if he cannot eat 30 ml (or more) consistently or doesn't start trending towards weight gain, he'll need a feeding tube to provide more calories. I know its just a simple thing to help him, but it sounds ridiculously scary to me. My heart breaks seeing him with all of the wires and monitors - a feeding tube isn't going to help that picture. I keep wondering what it'll be like to hold him without all the wires.

In other news, Jeff and I were able to get back home today to run a few errands, do some laundry, turn in my maternity leave requests, and get Charlie set up under my health insurance. It was a lot of running around, but we accomplished a lot for a 3 hour time span! Tonight, Jeff has class (its right down the street, actually) so Mr. Charlie and I are going to have a date night; some good eatin' and cuddling. The best kind of date night!


  1. All of you are in my prayers! I can definitely see your positive attitude, and I know it will help. Good luck with everything!

  2. Thank you! We're definitely trying to stay positive. :) I can't wait for you to meet him!