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Thursday, October 7, 2010

This whole "miracle of life" thing is pretty darn neat...

Yesterday was a pretty big day in baby land - we hit 31 weeks with our very healthy little one, dropped off our pre-registration papers at the Birthing Center, and coolest of all...Jeff could hear the baby's heartbeat right through my stomach!

I had read somewhere that as you near 40 weeks, it becomes easier to hear the baby's heartbeat with the naked ear, but we hadn't had any luck yet. Last night while we were laying in bed, I knew how he/she was laying (shoving their butt into my ribs and their head into my hip - thank you very much) so I told Jeff to listen "riiiiight here" and pointed to a spot near my side. He pressed his ear up to my stomach and after a second said he actually could hear their quick little heartbeat! Even while resting, my heartbeat is pretty darn fast, but the baby's is much faster (between 140-150 bpm), so its obvious which one is which. He listened for a minute or two and then looked at me with a face that could only be read as, "that's so awesome!"

These past 31 weeks have been full of neat developments as the baby grows, but for so many of them I'm the only one who can experience them. It would be pretty hard for me to press my ear up to my own stomach, so this one is all his to experience. How cool is that?

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