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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have Label Maker, Will Organize

I'm happy to say that things are finally coming together in the nursery. We've had the basics (furniture, decorations, etc.) set up for a while, but as we've had our showers and received/purchased the necessities, things have just sort of piled up in the room. I could only store things in and around the crib for so long! Finally, the closet, changing table, and various storage units are organized!

Here are some pictures of the closet. The left half is for baby stuff and the right half is storage for my craft supplies and Jeff's books/supplies for class. Thank goodness there is a big closet in this room!

The changing table storage is also all set up. The cloth diapers are washed and stored in the bookshelf, while the disposable diapers are organized in the cabinet. Yes, they're in labeled bins. Do you expect anything else? We plan on using disposables until the baby's belly button heals and they get big enough to fit in the cloth diapers well (about 10lbs.)

The fun stuff is kept in a neat storage unit I found at Michael's a few months ago. Originally, the colored bins (where the diapers are) came with it, but I liked the look of the baskets better (plus, we had tons left over from our wedding!) The baby's books and stuffed animals are in the top part and the baskets are holding rattles, toys, teethers, burp cloths, bibs, and other fun stuff.

Once I had the nursery organized, I realized there was a bunch of stuff that needed to go in the bathroom too. Thankfully, I found this simple shelf at Target and it fit everything perfectly. Now, all of baby's towels, washcloths, and extra bath supplies are organized and within reach. As a side note, I love baby bath stuff - duckies are so cute!!

Its a no brainer, but this kid's stuff is taking over our apartment and they're not even here yet! I can only imagine what it will be like after they're born. Joking aside, I love seeing everything come together - its a gentle reminder that yes, indeed, our lives are going to change pretty drastically soon. Its exciting and overwhelming at the same time. One minute, you can look around and ooze confidence about your parenting skills and amazing preparedness and the next, be on the verge of freak out that nothing is ready and you have no idea what the heck you're doing. Hopefully, we can trick ourselves into feeling prepared enough because regardless of how we feel, in t-minus 45 days (or so), its game time! :-)

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