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Be Crafty

Here are some crafty ideas from my blog and others, all in the same place!

Wall Art
Make wall art that matches bedding, curtains, or any other decor for super cheap!

Growth Chart
Turn a simple 2" x 6' piece of wood into a portable growth chart that moves with you as your little one grows.

Ribbon Lovey
Babies love to nom nom nom on these things. Good thing they're easy to make.

Easy Peasy Bib
Clone a bib in about 20 minutes. Srsly.

While not exactly crafty, I hope its a helpful tutorial!

These padded car seat strap covers will have your little one riding in comfort and style! 

Same idea as the custom wall art. Customize a plain old wall clock to match any theme!

A totally customizable tote bag to fill with whatever needs toting.

Cute, simple flags to hang  in a child's bedroom or as party decorations.

Easy recipe to create custom hand/foot print ornaments for your tree.

Follow the links to a fabulous disappearing nine patch tutorial - perfect for an iSpy quilt!

For those of us that still have CDs in the car - store them in style.

A fun, colorful medium for your little one to scoop and pour.

Easy to make wool balls that help cut down on dryer time while softening your clothes sans chemicals.

A little sewing and some hot glue make for an easy, kid friendly advent calendar. A quick and easy project!

Eventual DIYs - 

Recycled toys
Easy custom pillow case
Fabric blocks
Zippered pouches
(I need more ideas...)

My favorite DIY blogs/projects -
Check back soon!